Concerto de dia 28/11/2011

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Concerto de dia 28/11/2011

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Brandi Carlile Draws a Full House

Two sold-out shows at the Fitzgerald Theatre show Brandi Carlile is as strong a draw as any

Brandi Carlile's show drew heavily from her 2007 album, The Story, and 2009 album, Give Up The Ghost.

When Brandi Carlile walked on stage at the Fitzgerald Theater Monday evening for the second of two sold out shows, her voice, energy, and charming (though totally rocker badass) stage presence wasn’t any worse for the wear. In fact, she seemed even more energized, if not completely surprised by her Twin Cities fans coming out to show the love.

Humble and hesitant about performing not one but two shows, she admitted, “I wanted the shows to be at the Varsity, I didn’t think anyone would show.” Don’t worry Brandi, people showed up, in droves.

Making everyone feel right at home from the get go she encouraged “St. Paul-Minnie” as she referred to the audience throughout the evening to get rowdy and sing along. Fans took her up on the suggestion, shouting out song requests and cheering emphatically when she obliged.

Extending her set list from the night before, the Monday crowd got an extra few songs from the soulful, powerhouse singer. Transitioning between heartbreaking, sentimental and quiet ballads, to all out raspy, guttural screams reminiscent of Janis Joplin. Effortlessly blending folk with rock, Carlile’s music can have fans jumping to their feet one minute and on the verge of tears the next.

Playing a totally unplugged version of “What Can I Say,” Carlile brought the thousand-seat venue down to what felt like a more intimate house concert.

Playing songs off of her 2007 album The Story and 2009 album Give Up The Ghost, the crowd cheered and sang along to “Turpentine,” “Before it Breaks” “Cannonball,” “Shadow on The Wall,” and “Dreams.” She also played in her words “the best song ever written,’ performing a chilling rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”

The show closed (after several audience-demanded encores) with Brandi joined by opening act The Secret Sisters. Laura and Lydia Rogers, an impressive sister act from Alabama, have a down-home, gosh-darn-y’all friendless that, when they step up to the mic to sing, instantly transforms into this a folksy, bluesy, country blend with perfectly executed harmonies, harkening back to the retro sound of Pasty Cline and Hank Williams.

The stage lights went dark and the trio sang a reflective rendition of “Amazing Grace” in a three-part harmony that was so rich and buttery it almost made you feel guilty for listening. The crowd burst into cheers, and despite the near three-hour show, still wanted more.

While this is the first solo tour for Brandi Carlile, it definitely won’t be the last. Word to the wise St. Paul-Minnie fans: The next time Brandi is in town, score your tickets early, because even though she doesn’t consider herself to be that big of a deal, she kind of is.

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